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Booklet for school leavers who try to enter the Astrakhan State Medical Academy
        90 years ago the way of development and creative activity of the most authoritative Russian medical educational institution, a great cultural centre of Russian South has been starting.
        Just a few knows that an idea of foundation of higher Educational Institution in Astrakhan was expressed for the first time almost 300 years ago. In summer 1712 famous German philosopher and mathematic Leibniz sent to Peter the 1st a letter in which he wrote: “Moscow as a capital, Astrakhan, Kiev and Petersburg attract special attention in a question of establishment of universities, academies, schools and others that belong to this sphere.” Now it’s difficult task for us to comment the reasons of such statement and it’s difficult to realize that even in such old times scientists clearly had seen modern geopolitics perspectives of Astrakhan region and its importance for Russian country.
        From old times onwards Astrakhan as a crossroad of trade land- and water-ways which connected the Caucasus with the Ural, Caspian Sea with Asia and Near East has been a strategic region for our country.
        Off course when the medical faculty of Astrakhan University had been opening very unfortunate epidemiological situation in the region was taken into consideration, because there were fierce epidemic of smallpox, plague, cholera, typhus and high sick rate of tuberculosis, trachoma, leprosy. Just because of this all faculties of Astrakhan University had been closed by 1922 year except the Medical faculty, so the university was changed into Medical institute.
        The military history of our Medical Academy is rich and patriotic; a new generation of young doctors is brought up on it. There was the participation in national home guard and evacuation to Guriev, Kuibyshev and Barnaul were the training of doctors had been going on. Also there was the organization of special laboratories in the institute for the preparing of incendiary mixtures against the tanks of enemies. There were the working out, investigation and using of “Serratia marcescens” for the treatment of wound infection, which helped to recover health of hundreds of soldiers. During the war Astrakhan State Medical Institute had been carrying out 8 graduations of doctors. Even in such hard years the educational scientific and medical processes were improving, a great help to practical public health was rendering.
        After the War an activity of Astrakhan State Medical Institute had gradually arranged. New faculties and services arose, a student scientific society was organized (1948), the day of institute was established (1958), student hostels number 2 and 3 was founded (1966). In 1958 for great achievements in the development of national health services Astrakhan Medical Institution was rewarded by honorary deed of Supreme Soviet Presidium of the USSR. In 1966 the pediatric faculty was opened. In 1968 the second category was conferred upon Astrakhan State Medical Institute, and then – in 1976- there was the first category. In 1987 a new theoretical building was found, also a museum of Institute’s history was opened (1988), then the faculty of doctor’s improvement, the faculty of foreign students (1991) and faculty of postgraduating preparing (1993) were appeared. In 1995 Astrakhan State Medical Institute was renamed into Astrakhan Medical State Academy (AGMA) In AGMA there are many scientific schools of immunochemistry of albumen-markers of pathological state (pr. Tatarinov U.S., pr. Afanasieva A.N., pr. Nikulina D.M., pr. Nikolaev A.A.), surgeon gastroenterology (pr. Walter V.G, pr. Kutukov V.E., pr. Zurnagyanc V.A., pr. Kuchin U.V.), traumatology and orthopedics (pr. Demichev N.P.), embryology and morphology (pr. Popova-Latkina N.V., pr. Rudan A.S., pr. Asfandiyarov R.I., pr. Moldavskaya A.A.), chronobiology and chronomedicine (pr. Bekchanov A.N., pr. Senturova L.G.), pathological physiology of inflectional diseases (pr. Garanina I.P., pr. Pervuhina L.A., pr. Trizno N.N.), hepatology (pr. Nogaller A.M., pr. Makarevich Y. A., pr. Proshina P.P., pr. Levitan B.N.), social-hygienic aspects of  health state of region population (pr. Yakovlev Y.G., pr. Serdyukov A.G.), diagnostic of immunity in pediatrics (pr. Silisheva N.N., pr. Griganov V.I.) and others. All of this schools work now very fruitful.
        In our days among structural subdivisions of AGMA there are 12 faculties, including 4 faculties existing since 2004 year – there are medical-prophylactic, pharmaceutical, faculty of management and higher educational nurse courses and a preparatory faculty. In 2006 the faculty of clinical psychology and Medical college were appeared, and in 2007 – stomatological faculty. There are 67 sub faculties and courses, a research institute of regional infectious pathology, an educational and medical center of narcology with educational and scientific center of diagnostic, departments of intellectual property, postgraduate course and clinical residency, scientific library, internet-classroom, computerized center of certification, editorial-publishing department and many others subdivisions and services.
        In AGMA there are about 4000 students of 45 nationalities, among them there are 22 students from foreign countries. Postgraduate students and persons working for degree of doctor have opportunity to choose one of 20 specialties. During 90 years members of this educational institution have defended their thesis and have attained 100 MD degrees and 600 degrees of Bachelor of Science. In our days more then 70 Doctors of science, more then 300 Bachelors of Science and docents wok in AGMA. The quantity of teachers with science degree in the Higher Educational Institution is more then on republic level (67,1 %). In academy there are 25 members and academicians of different international and Russian public academies. Among the teaching staff there are 2 Meritorious Science Workers of RF, 4 Honoured Workers of Higher institutes of learning of RF, 3 Excellent Workers of Higher institutes of learning, Laureate of RF Governmental Prize in the scientific and technical sphere, 25 Honoured Doctors of RF, Honoured Worker of Health services of RF, 16 excellent workers of Health services, 2 Excellent Workers of physical culture and sport of RF, 4 Honoured Citizens of Astrakhan – pr. Alamdarov I.N., pr. Demichev N. P., pr. Polunin I.N., pr. Asfandiyarov R.I. One of Astrakhan streets was named in honoure of pr. Lychmanov, and names of pr. Alamdarov I.N. and pr. Silisheva N.N. were given to significant medical-prophylactic clinics of our city.
        AGMA has 4 theoretical buildings, 5 student hostels, canteens, gyms, country tourist centre. Clinical sub-faculties are based in all significant medical-prophylactic institutions of our city.
        The faculty of foreign students was opened in 1992 and since that time Astrakhan State Medical Academy has carried out the paid studying of students from foreign countries.
        Shining smiles on swarthy faces, national costumes, speech with accent and too exaggerating politeness, in our russian opinion, –only this facts make foreign students different from others. They visit clinics and study in lecture-halls too; also they pass exams and tests, and like other students they work off missing lessons and lectures, live in student hostels and eat in institute café;;;;;;;;. We get used to students from Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America, so we don’t think that they are guests. They are equal residents of Academy as the other students.
        Off course, the studying process of foreign students differs from common studying.
Firstly, the period of studies lasts 7 years (including Preparatory Course), but Russian students study for 6 years. The first year foreigners study Russian language at the Preparatory faculty, and after that they get a certificate of establishing standard. Due to results of entrance exams (Russian language, biology and chemistry) foreign student have opportunity to enter the 1st course of AGMA.
        The second difference is that groups of foreign students are not as numerous as others. But this is a big advantage, because it’s an opportunity for pedagogue to work individually with each foreign student, so students can master the subject deeply, in spite of language barrier.
The third difference is that foreign students study a special course “Tropical diseases” on Sub-faculty of Infection diseases, because this information is connected with epidemiological situation in countries, from which some foreign students have arrived.
        Academy invites foreigners for education, and after OVIR and the Department of domestic affairs of a country draw up visa for students. The studying of citizens of foreign countries is based on commercial relations. The payment for education is effected in rubles in departments of Sberbank RF. The academic year begins on the 1st of September every year, but the students can get admission into the preparatory faculty up to the 15th of December.
        For the period of studies Academy provides foreign students with the room in hostel, also they can visit reading-room, libraries and sport sections. Off course, it’s more difficult for foreign students to study subjects in Russian and use Russian books, but they have enough free time for the rest. Different parties and celebrations are very popular among students; they celebrate the Days of national culture and organized parties devoted to the acquaintance with customs, traditions and national cuisine of different countries.
        After successful graduating student gets the Diploma of “Doctor of Medicine”. Those who wish have an opportunity to get post-graduating specialization. They can choose any specialty, because there are a variety of them: therapy, surgery, ophthalmology, infection diseases, dermatology, nervous diseases, psychiatry, radiotherapy, traumatology and orthopedics, medical jurisprudence, phthisiology, otorhinolalyngology, pediatrics, pediatric surgery, urology, oncology, anesthesiology and reanimation, obstetrics and gynecology, stomathology.
        Now the guests from foreign countries are something ordinary for Academy. It’s necessary to point out that that long-awaited appearance of official sight of AGMA has been an important stimulus in the development of collaboration with other countries. Just after that in Academy a great number of applications from other countries which were interested in getting higher education by their young citizens was sent to Academy. Foreign students have an opportunity not only to study, but also to get to know about the original and centuries-old history of Astrakhan, which was 450 years in 2008. For this purposes the tours of the city historical have been made and the meetings with interesting people have been organized. In present days the faculty of foreign student number 150 students, interns, clinical residents and post-graduated students. These guys are from countries (India, Pakistan and Shri Lanca) which were the parts of the Great Britain, so they want to study in English – which is the language-mediator. Almost all of these foreign students know English well. A lot of foreign students are from Arabian countries – Syria, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Palestine and others), were the life is closely connected with Islam. On the faculty there are students from Africa (Guinea Bissau, Tunis, Morocco, Egypt). The students from Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia, Tadzhikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan also study here.
        Academy is famous for its social and research work. Students who is fond of investigating have an opportunity to work in student science groups, which are disposed on each sub-faculty, students can participate in science conferences which are held not only in Academy, but on Russian and international level. A lot of students in our Academy during their studying take part in science groups to get an experience in research work. Then usually they become post-graduated students and successfully defend their thesises.
        Here are the names of foreign faculty’s students who after the post-graduated course had a successful defending of their thesises: Hamat Talat, Palestine- “Surgeon diseases”, Miah Salim, Bangladesh – “Internal diseases”, Abdallah Vael, Syria – “Surgeon diseases”.
Our Alma mater have spread contacts with foreign countries, it can be proved by the fact that our Academy go out on the international level of contacts in the educational program “Euro Medicos” and international social fund “Interculture”.
        And that’s all, you have a diploma in your hands and you should go home. You master two languages; have got a qualitative Higher education. And you as professional doctors are being waited on your motherland.
        You are glad but feel sad, because for this 6-7 years Astrakhan becomes a native city and Medical Academy have always been your Alma Mater.
To all guests from foreign countries who want to get a specialty of a doctor in one of the oldest Medical Educational Intuitions we say: “Welcome to Astrakhan State Medical Academy!”
Faculty of pharmacy
(Dean – doctor of biological science, the reader – Feldman B.V.)
        Faculty of pharmacy was opened in Astrakhan State Medical Academy in 2003-2004. In faculty a training of future specialists with higher pharmaceutical education is carried out in accordance with specialty “Pharmacy” and qualification of “Pharmacist”. Students can get their education on paid or equalizing base. You can study in faculty in the form of instruction by correspondence. The period of studies lasts 5 years or 5,5 years (if you choose the instruction by correspondence). Persons, who get the second higher education, have an opportunity study due to individual curriculum in a shot space of time. Persons who have secondary of higher medical education can choose the instruction by correspondence.
        For successful studying of students in faculty of pharmacy new chairs were founded, there are chairs of pharmaceutical chemistry, botany, pharmacognosy, pharmaceutical technology. For the purpose of acquiring practical skills and habits a training chemists shop was created in Astrakhan Medical Academy.
        Among the teachers and lecturers in ASMA there are a lot of Doctors of Science and candidates of science, research officers of Sechenov Academy, doctors of pharmacological science A.A. Sorokin and G.T. Glembozkaya, and also pharmacists of the biggest chemists shops in Astrakhan, who have a considerable length of service. A library stock is extended – for last years educational literature was bought to the sum of 1 million rubles. Chairs of faculty of pharmacy are equipped with modern equipment and computers. Practical training for students are organized on the base of such significant unions as “Astrakhan chemist’s shops”, “Astrafarm”, Astrakhan pharmaceutical factory, astrakhan chemist’s shops, clinical hospitals with their own chemist’s shops and so on. The matter of pharmacist’s professional activity are madicals, which are used for treating, diagnostics and prophylaxis of diseases, discharge and hygiene.
        The graduates of the faculty prepare for active creative professional activity in the sphere of medicines’ turnover including researching, working out, producing, packing, keeping, transport, state registration, inspection certification, regularizing and quality control, marketing and selling. Knowledge which was got in the educational process in faculty of pharmacy, permit graduates to work with homeopathic, parapharmaceutical, cosmetic, veterinary medicines, and also with biological active admixture. Graduate pharmacists have the right to accomplish next kinds of activity:
-         producing (in chemist’s shop, factories and so on) including the organization of technological process and correct storage conditions
-         management and administration
-         control and permission
-         research work
-         pharmaceutical occupation
-         work with crude drug
-         quality control
-         toxicological researching and investigation
-         educational work and so on.
Also graduates have an opportunity to continue their studying as postgraduate students.
Faculties and specialties
Treatment faculty: code 060101.65
Name of specialty or direction: Treatment occupation
Qualification: doctor
Term of studying: 6 years
Specialization: at the faculty of post-graduating education
Entrance examinations: biology (Unified State Examination - USE), chemistry (USE), Russian language (USE)
Pediatrics faculty: code 060103.65 
Name of specialty or direction: Pediatrics
Qualification: doctor
Term of studying: 6 years
Specialization: at the faculty of post-graduating education
Entrance examinations: biology (Unified State Examination - USE), chemistry (USE), Russian language (USE)
Medical-prophylactic faculty: code 060104.65
Name of specialty or direction: Medical-prophylactic occupation
Qualification: doctor
Term of studying: 6 years
Specialization: at the faculty of post-graduating education
Entrance examinations: biology (Unified State Examination - USE), chemistry (USE), Russian language (USE)
Stomatological faculty: code 060105.65
Name of specialty or direction: Stomathology
Qualification: doctor
Term of studying: 5 years
Specialization: at the faculty of post-graduating education
Entrance examinations: biology (Unified State Examination - USE), chemistry (USE), Russian language (USE)
Pharmaceutical faculty: code 060108.65
Name of specialty or direction: Pharmacy
Qualification: pharmaceutist
Term of studying: 5 years, (instruction by correspondence- 5,5 years)
Specialization: at the faculty of post-graduating education
Entrance examinations: biology (Unified State Examination - USE), chemistry (USE), Russian language (USE)
Faculty of management and higher educational nurse courses: code 060109.65
Name of specialty or direction: Nurse business
Qualification: manager
Term of studying: 4 years, (instruction by correspondence- 5 years)
Specialization: at the faculty of post-graduating education
Entrance examinations: biology (Unified State Examination - USE), chemistry (USE), Russian language (USE)
Faculty of clinical psychology: code 030302.65
Name of specialty or direction: Clinical psychology
Qualification: psychologist, clinical psychologist, teacher of psychology
Term of studying: 5 years
Specialization: at the faculty of post-graduating education
Entrance examinations: biology (Unified State Examination - USE), social science (USE), Russian language (USE)
Provost of educational process
(Проректор по учебной работе)
Kostenko N.V
Head of Preparatory Department
(Зав. подготовительным отделением)
Trizno N.N.
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